Callie Seoul here.  Oh how I’ve missed this site (it’s been awhile)!!  I am pleased to announce the site re-opening of (soon to be — the  freshest Korean-American English language entertainment blog on the block!  At Callie Seoul, you’ll get the latest in K-POP news, fashion, gossip, sexy idols, & much much more.  We’re serving up your daily k-pop fix with a killer Cali twist!!

The site will officially re-open on Friday, December 13 (ONLY 4 MORE DAYS!!) and we will immediately roll out exclusive content like:

☀ ℭS ‘s 12 Days of K-Pop Christmas!!  ↮12 days of pure k-pop Christmas fun!

☀ Great F*ckin Performances & Great F*ckin MVs  ↮  These are some of Callie’s fav live perfs & mvs that change lives. Lives!!

☀ Fug or Luv?  ↮  Is it trendsetting couture or fashion disaster?? You VOTE & decide

☀ Callie’s Fashion Finds ↮ Bringin’ You The Best In Fashion …. As only a true label whore can.

GIFgasm PICgasm ↮ Get Chocolate Wasted On  the tons of HQ gifs and pics of Your Favorite K-Idols

☀ Remix of The Week ↮  When you’ve played your fav K-Pop song to DEATH, sometimes you need a new spin on it to keep it fresh.

☀ PICgasm/GIFgasm ↮ Get chocolate wasted on your favorite K-Idols.

The Selca Files ↮ Your Fav Idols and Their Bad, Beautiful, & Downright Goofy Selfies

This is ONLY the start of the big things we have planned for Callie Seoul in the next few weeks, so stay tuned and thanks for supporting!!

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