Great F*ckin MVs | 4Minute’s “Volume Up”

Great F*ckin MVs | The K-POP Music Videos That Have The Power To Change Lives. LIVES I Tell Ya!


4minute gets a bad rap. They can’t help if they’re sexy, talented, and have legs for days. But for some reason, netizens love to hate on them. Either way, 4minute had one of the best releases in 2012 with this killer anthem “Volume Up”. It’s probably one of the best k-pop music videos I’ve seen ever (def. Top 10) and it’s instantly addicting. Show these ladies some love, get your day started right & PUMP UP THE VOLUME UP!! Yes I am soooo dancing in my undies right now  – CS

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2 thoughts on “Great F*ckin MVs | 4Minute’s “Volume Up”

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  2. I don’t hate 4Minute at all. I recently became a fan, even of the much-reviled HyunA. They’re sexy, talented, and I’m eagerly awaiting their next album.

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