Did Girls Generation Confirm or Deny Their Plastic Surgery Rumors??


On the latest episode of Mnet‘s “The Beatles Code”, Girls Generation members Yuri, Taeyeon, Tiffany, & Seohyun were asked about the constant rumors about their alleged plastic surgery. The question came up when MC Tak Jae Joon held up a past photo of Taeyeon and remarked that her face looked a little different. Tiffany came to her leader’s rescue by responding

“We head off to the airport at least once a week, so we get photographed at least once a week. Our concept changes quite often. Our hairstyle changes, and sometimes we gain or lose weight. As such, these [plastic surgery] controversies always come up.”

Taeyeon also remarked that “Makeup can do wonders”, with the rest of the girls chiming in that whenever those rumors surface, they just shake them off.  What do you think Sones? Have any of the members been under the knife? Or are makeup/hair/weight changes the real culprit in this endless debate??

**& just because I’m a wee bit scandalous…. I’ve attached a before & after collage so you can be the judge. FYI – I personally don’t see the controversy, people’s faces change as they get older. Fact. – CS


NewsSource: Soompi
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2 thoughts on “Did Girls Generation Confirm or Deny Their Plastic Surgery Rumors??

  1. Everyone else looks more or less the same, but I honestly really believe that Sooyoung did go under the knife before they started their japanese promotions. I mean, COME ON! It’s obvious as hell but people always like to point out how Seohyun looks different but I can only see Sooyoung, with Yoona being a close second (shaved jaw). Tiffany has always been a mystery to me, in a case of did she or did she not. Yuri’s eyes? Hyoyeon’s nose? But for me, the most glaringly obvious is Sooyoung.

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