Fug Or Luv? Sulli’s New Haircut

Is it Fashion or Too Much? Couture or 2 Steps From The Goodwill? Callie Seoul presents FUG or LUV

I have to say, F(x) is in my top 10 of all K-Pop girl groups, and a-lot of it has to do with how awesome the members are. Choi Sulli, the face of the group, is one of the prettiest idol stars around & because of this, I’m usually expecting greatness! But after her new mushroom hairstyle was just recently revealed, I’m kind of speechless. It’s just not doing it for me!! What do you think bellas?? Do you like Sulli’s new ‘do?? Or does it scream put a hat on it?? VOTE BELOW!! I’ve included before pics for comparison. I say?? — Give that girl a weave and STAT!  hahaha — CS


Source: DKpopNews

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