Introducing Callie’s Bombshell of The Month – Girls Generation’s Yuri

Callie’s Boy Toys & Bombshells ▞ The prettiest faces in K-POP. GUARANTEED

This February 2013, our Bombshell of The Month is Kwon Yuri! Yuri is a member of mega super group Girls Generation, & I have to admit, my personal bias! Let’s get to know her below.

☲ KWON YURI ☲ snsd yuri selca pictures (2)

♡ DOB – 12-05-1989

♡ Height – 5’6″

♡ She loves Mickey Mouse

♡ She’s the prankster of SNSD

♡ She keeps her body tight by practing Yoga

♡ Why Is Yuri Bombshell Worthy? ++ Yuri is definitely the epitome of Sex On Legs!! This girl is damn sexy!! And her olive toned skin adds just the right amount of exoticness (The Black Pearl INDEED) – CS


Because Yuri is the Bombshell of The Month, I will upload a different sexy photo of her on the home page of every week for the rest of the month of February!! Get some more Yuri below

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