Great F*ckin Performances | Nine Muses “Dolls” (Special Stage)

★Callie Seoul’s Favorite Lives & Special Stages ⇨ These are Great F*ckin Performances★


Soooo am I like the only person in all of K-Pop fandom that thinks 9 Muses is SERIOUSLY underrated or no?? I mean these girls have delivered hit after hit of amazing singles & an awesome debut song (that was unfairly hated on) and they just don’t stop! And did I mention that they are also gorgeous and tall (well for Koreans anyway) too!! And if I’m not already doing the most …. I must say that their latest “Dolls” is probably the best single released by a girl group so far this year (SORRY SONES!) and their lives have been great! 9 Muses has the full package and this performance right HERE is them at their best! Enjoy Bellas! And if you didn’t know before …. Now You Know. CIAO – CS

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