Introducing Callie’s Boy Toy Of The Month – BEAST’s Kikwang

This February 2013, our boy toy of the month is Lee Gikwang! Kikwang is a member of one of the sexiest boy groups in all of K-Pop — BEAST, & I have to admit, probably the most handsome member! Let’s get to know him below.

☲ LEE GIKWANG ☲  tumblr_mhazxri1jD1s3ik3zo1_500

♡ DOB – 03-30-1990

♡ Height – 5’7″

♡ He’s allergic to seafood

♡ His favorite girl groups are Miss A & F(x)

♡ He is B2ST’s Best dancer & loves to crump

♡ Why Is Kikwang Boy Toy Worthy? ++ not only does Kikwang have swag that is off the charts, but those LIPS! Have you seen those LIPS??? – CS


Because Kikwang is the Boy Toy of The Month, I will upload a different sexy photo of him on the home page of every week for the rest of the month of February!! Get some more Kikwang below

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