Seo In Guk Not Dating Girls Generation’s YoonA?!?!?!

yoona_seo_in_guk_baseball_game_120615_03 yoona_seo_in_guk_baseball_game_120615_01

Soshi Fanboys you’re in luck! Just recently, actor/singer Seo In Guk of “Rascal Sons” & “Shake It Up” fame confessed that the rumors that he & gorgeous member & former Korea’s national sweetheart, YoonA of SNSD, are simply NOT true! 

During an appearance on radio show “Radio Star”, Seo’s fellow cast members & the show emcees joked that Seo In Guk is known to be  a playboy in the world of Idol-dom. They joked that after he & Yoona were photo’d together & a baseball game, he put the moves on YoonA  & the two now might be potentially dating. HOWEVER, Seo hastily responded:

“No,” and “I didn’t even know YoonA was at the stadium. We just ran into each other.” He continued, “I saw YoonA’s face on the big screen and afterwards, I went to go say hi.”

Finally, Seo In Gook cleared up the rumor by saying, “We just said hi and watched the game separately. When we were saying hi, the photograph was taken and people started to go crazy over it.”

What do you think bellas? Is this coupling totally innocent or something more?? Vote below!

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