JYP Won’t Let Miss A Date + Min’s Celebrity Crush Revealed!


Poor Miss A!! It was revealed during the filming of KM Music Triangle‘s “Early Christmas Special”, that Miss A’s label head & mentor, JYP does not approve of any dating or relationships for the ladies of hit girl group Miss A! Member Min went on to say with a sad face:

 “There are no limitations, per se. But producer Park Jin Young discourages us in an indirect way.”

It’s okay girl, we know this is your nice way of sayin he won’t let you date. This prompted the  show host to criticize JYP’s rules and advice, by remarking that he  might be being a little too harsh on the  girls. 


Min also revealed that her celebrity crush is none other than longtime Hollywood heartthrob, Leonardo Dicaprio! Good luck on getting that girl, & cheers to your future love live! Don’t let JYP oppa get you down!

– CS

Source: Soompi


One thought on “JYP Won’t Let Miss A Date + Min’s Celebrity Crush Revealed!

  1. Thank god, JYP.

    You rather have them get used by some losers only to get them dating, I prefer the JYP way. If you look at Min she already has a loser on her side called Andrew Cohen which she would happily get laid with, so no, dating could do more harm than good for them. Specially if they aren’t experienced enough to see which ones are good. But yeah if they don’t date, they won’t learn, that would be a negative point. So go let them experience the pain, so they can start dating real guys in the future.

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