Callie’s Fashion Finds – Korean Vintage Knit Sweater Dress

Callie’s Fashion Finds | Bringin’ You The Best In Fashion …. As only a true label whore can.


There are few things that I love seldom more in fashion than vintage, dresses, & bargains. Those three words bring instant smiles to my otherwise perpetual judgmental scowl. Only a dress can hug a woman’s curves (or create the illusion of) in the most seductive way possible. Only vintage can make me feel a bit less a part of the  consumer rat race machine, & only a good bargain can make me & my wallet feel completely satisfied. And that’s exactly why I am all smiles right now bellas, because I think I found a piece that satisfies all three wants! This vintage inspired smiley sweater dress is giving me the perfect casual bummy chic item that my closet so desperately needs! And it’s on sale with free shipping. ooohhh… SO MANY FEELS right now. It also comes in royal blue & black. Time to log off & whip the visa out. CIAO bellas…

– CS

✱Vintage Long Knit Smile – On Sale Now ONLY @ Kpopsicle

✱ Made and Imported From Korea

✱ $62.50

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